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Hajime Judo (Beginning Judo)

Beginning Judo

Hajime Judo (Beginning Judo)  establishes a strong base of judo technique, culture, and character. As we jump, run, and spin we develop balance, coordination and confidence. 

And we have fun! We start out learning our names in Japanese then do movement exercises and some simple judo techniques that teach us to fall safely. We place a strong emphasis on culture so everyone speaks the language of Japan. We learn to “nete” (lie down) and to “tonde” (leap) like a “raion” (lion).

Judo allows a smaller person to control an opponent bigger and stronger than themselves. We practice throws where our opponent can be flipped upside down – on our invisible partners.

Every class finishes with games that develop physical coordination, balance and laughter. We sing in Japanese about inspiration and bow to each other respectfully. Then we say “arigotoh” (thank you). In our positive learning environment respect and discipline are as much a part of Hanabi as smiling.
Contact info is:

Phone: 510-530-8312
This class is available Monday through Friday at 4:20 pm CA time.  
Suggested Price is $169/month or $20/class.

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